PCPanel - Maple Wood
  • PCPanel - Maple Wood

    With PCPanel you can control the output levels of individual applications on your computer. You can adjust them at any time even while in a full-screen game. You do not need to have the PCPanel software open for this to work. PCPanel connects to your computer with a USB cable and dosen't requrire any batteries.

    PCPanel is milled from a single block of high-quality maple wood, resulting in a strong, durable frame. Its dimensions are 4.25" x 2" x 2". The surface is hand finished to ensure a clean stunning result. The knobs are made from hand polished aluminum that allow for smooth operation.


      Each knob also serves as a button which you can assign to one of the following functions


      • Change Audio Output Device
      • Run a Command/Open Program
      • Close a Program
      • Execute a key combination
      • Press Media Keys
        • Play/Pause
        • Next Track
        • Previous Track
        • Stop
        • Mute
      • Mute/Unmute Applications
      • Control Audio Volume of an Application
      • Control Audio Volume of the currently focused Application
      • Control the Volume of an Audio Ouput or Input

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