[Back Ordered] PCPanel - RGB

[Back Ordered] PCPanel - RGB

With PCPanel you can control the output levels of individual applications on your computer. You can adjust them at any time even while in a full-screen game. OBS support allows you control your source volumes with ease.  You do not need to have the PCPanel software open for it to work. PCPanel connects to your computer with a USB cable and dosen't requrire any batteries.  

  • Each knob also serves as a button which you can assign to one of the following functions

    • Change Audio Output Device
    • Run a Command/Open Program
    • Close a Program
    • Execute a Key Combination
    • Press Media Keys
      • Play/Pause
      • Next Track
      • Previous Track
      • Stop
      • Mute
    • Mute/Unmute Applications

    Each Dial Can do the Following

    • Control Audio Volume of an Application
    • Control Audio Volume of the currently focused Application
    • Control the Volume of an Audio Ouput or Input
    • OBS Integration - Control source volumes in OBS

    General Features

    • AutoDetect - PCPanel Software will automatically detect all your PCPanel - RGB units.  There is no need to search for your device.
    • RGB - Each knob can be individually colored 16.8 Million ways including no light at all if you prefer.
    • MultiConnect - Need more knobs? Connect up as many PCPanel - RGB units as you need to fulfill  your audio needs.
    • Mount - PCPanel comes with a double sided adhesive patch for fixed mounting.
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