The expected shipping times are as follows:


Now Available


Batch 1: Orders placed on or before Feb 27th are expected to ship Mid March

Batch 2: Orders placed after Feb 27th and before May 10th are expected to ship Late April through Mid May

Batch 3: Orders placed after May 10th are expected to ship end of June through mid July (Depending on Order Date)

Batch 4: Orders placed after June 25 are expected to ship end of July through late August (Depending on Order Date)

when is the RGB/wood pcpanel coming back in stock?

Right now we are no longer manufacturing the RGB or Maple wood model, but instead focusing production on the Mini and Pro models.

Do you ship to my Country?

Yes, we ship world-wide.

Will There Be Import Fees?

We ship from the United States. Import fees depend on your country.

Is there Mac or Linux Support?

At this time we only support Windows OS.